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Jeffrey Kahn

Jeffrey Khan   Black Belt       4th. degree


Dr. Dillon began his martial arts training at the age of 14, studying Judo with Sensei Em Williams and Sensei Harry Fraturo. He continued studying Judo as an undergraduate at U-Conn where he received his brown belt. Later, and concurrent with his Kenpo training with Kirby Marshall, he studied Hapkido with instructor Art St. Armand and received his green belt. Dr. Dillon has tested under Grand Master Ed Parker four times, and received his 3rd degree rank from 6th degree Norman Sandler. Currently Dr. Dillon is studying Philippine style knife fighting with Guro Frank Ortega.

Dr. Dillon teaches secondary math and science at Brien McMahon high school in Norwalk, and is co-leader of S.C.S.U.ís field study program in France & Switzerland. He has a nine year old daughter. His other interests include: flying, woodworking, travel, and camping.

Brian J. Dillon American Kenpo Black Belt 3rd degree
Ms_Zizzi.jpg (4492 bytes) Cinthya Zizzi
Cinthya Zizzi   Black Belt       2nd. degree
Mr_Kramer.jpg (4459 bytes) Scott Kramer
Scott Kramer   Black Belt       1st. degree
 Mr_Dunn.jpg (5031 bytes) Steve Walker
Steve Walker   Black Belt       1st. degree
Picture  Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn   Black Belt       1st. degree


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